The official start of DUSTCO at MARE!

MARE-FCiências.ID (Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre), a centre for research, technological development and innovation, will be hosting DUSTCO for the next couple of years. MARE’s fields of research traverse marine and environmental sciences aiming at understanding the patterns and processes influencing the functioning and evolution of biological diversity on the planet. Here you can find experts in topics related to oceanography and marine life, with a special focus on marine phytoplankton ecology, primary production, algal culturing and life cycle studies, and validation of remote-sensing data sets with in situ ocean data. Read more about our research center here.

Below I present you the DUSTCO-MARE "dynamic duo"! Catarina (on the right) will use her background in marine geology and (paleo)ecology of coccolithophores to investigate the fertilising potential of Saharan dust from both water column and sediment trap samples. Being the PI of DUSTCO, she is responsible for most part of the proposed work plan, and for ensuring a smooth communication amongst the team members and collaborators. Carolina (on the left) will use her background in marine biology and satellite ocean colour to provide insight into phytoplankton ecology and biomass production, based on pigments and ocean colour data. Over the next two years, they will work closely together to unravel how Saharan dust is impacting the spatio-temporal variability of coccolithophores in the tropical Atlantic! 

Carolina Sá and Catarina Guerreiro from Dustco Mare.jpeg